fijian educators malua meu taro mada

"Malua meu taro mada"

fijian educators malua meu taro mada

"Malua meu taro mada"

Digital Literacy @communicating responsibly across social platforms. #New Pedagogies replacing old methods of teaching.....

Our ethical principles.Our standards.Our shared values.It is to inspire others to action.

The natural created world teaches us everything,to be 'Vakaisulu.'

Oral Culture is Communication.What happens when storytelling stops ?

Indigenous Fijian Metaphors is fundamental to Values Education in Fiji and the wider Pacific.

We are inspired by the founding naviagtors of the Re-thinking of Pacific Education @RPEIPP,Kabini Sanga,Konai Thaman,Ana Taufeulungaki,Una Nabobo Baba. We continue to broaden the literature to include relevant contributions by emerging Pacific researchers in Educationn for Pacific Peoples for Pacific Peoples.

Collectively and Invidually ,our duty is to encourage and motivate colleagues about the importance of Values Education using our indigenous metaphors .

Indigenous Fijian Knowledge: Bula Vakaivakarau( Cultured),Takitaki,Veiwasei( sharing),Relationship(

Maluameutaromada started after the Vaka Pasifiki 2018.There was so much information to take in &

The Valenikuro nei Buqu focus group.

We talked amongst ourselves. How can we expand the conversation ?

We never stopped talking about our cultural intelligence.

Values Educations starts at home.' Vakaisulu' starts at home. E tekivu mai vale na ka kece.

Filipe QIO- Head of School,Natoakece Primary School,Fiji.

'The cross-cultural interactions have gone from'Vakaisulu' to 'Luvaiwale.'

Effective Leadership is paramount, Professor Kabini Sanga.

Intervention courses teaching ethics using western ideas.K.Sanga

Why do we rise up to help our people, and in return we rob them.

The knowledge gap widens . ..... Digital Literacy Education Influncer

Fijian children deserve some respect in the classroom.

In the Spirit of the Forest is a reflection of an indigenous Fijian ethic of co-operative collaboration known as Solesolevaki.

What causes achievement gaps among indigenous Fijian learners?